saiyan-kato asked:

I have to ask. wWy da hell does your species burn after you have hatchlings?! It makes no sense?! I Thought you burn after you absorbed too much energy. well since theres no other femal godzillasaurs so you'll be with us forever!

It is theorized that this massive release of nuclear energy is for the purpose of feeding a young hatchling while simultaneously ensuring that the population does not grow to a point where the hatchling would be unable to sustain itself when matured. The exponential increase in energy emitted by the Burning specimen over time would be a good match for for the quickly-developing appetite of the offspring.

Gojira is, as recently discovered, a male-identifying hermaphrodite, possessing both sets of genitalia and able to voluntarily switch which sex is “active” at any given time. This hermaphroditism may be a mutation, but we are as of yet unsure. He is also capable of reproducing asexually in the event of a viable mate being unavailable; due to his being the last living specimen of his species, this is how he will most likely spawn his hatchling towards the end of his lifespan.

Thank you for your inquiry and have a pleasant evening.


mrmanlycupcakes asked:

Anonymity doesn't matter to me, it's the internet :P but i have a question. Your regeneration...powers? is that a good word for it? anyway do they work better when you sleep? or is it more like an instant thing?

It is faster when I’m unconscious because then my body doesn’t have to waste energy keeping itself active, and can focus on the healing process instead. It can take minutes, or hours, or days, depending on the severity of injury. (That wrist-snapping demonstration I did a while back looked quick but actually took four hours. There was a time lapse in between photos. Hahaha, fooled you.)

Anonymous asked:

So question, you said that their relationship is more mother/son, but on the rp blog there's a mention of them doing and of Goji dreaming of the .... M-rated doings. Can you clarify please?

((I didn’t say STRICTLY that way. That’s just the closest thing I could think of. That’s Oedipal and we don’t want no lizard-Oedipus on our hands, now do we.

He doesn’t actually think of her like a mother—more like… a really really close friend who cares for him and does motherly-type things but who can also be interacted with at a level of casual comfort unique to mates. He does have some sort of romantic interest in her, but not in a permanent sense. That clear enough? No? I’m explaining this really badly.

Their relationship is basically mother/son+close friends+mates, in a kind of weird (but not to them) sort of way—plus the added layers of his pseudo-worship towards this idealized image of her he has… he’s learned to keep that separate, though. And on ANOTHER level, due to that psychic link Mothra formed between them, they’ve begun to think of one as an “extension” of the other’s self at times.

It’s really weird and really muddled, is what I’m saying.))