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I'd love to see how human-gojira handled a day in society. Like, someone decides to take him to buy some clothes in the morning, then take him to a park to see what it's like (maybe push him in some swings), introduce him to fast food (plus ice cream) for lunch, then they go somewhere after (not sure what would interest him) and dinner is at a steakhouse. STEAK! :3

((if you want to know how he’s spent his time as a human, so far he’s:

1) gotten really stupidly pathetically drunk (by accident! nobody told him what liquor does!)

2) gotten really pissed at faelan for not helping him with his hangover

3) bunked with also-m!a’d gigan at the brody house

4) had a pancake breakfast and taken selfies with sam (he was very confused)

5) played a hella lot of video games with gigan (save the earth, anyone?)

6) went to see the san fran wreckage where he killed cap’n hok with ford and had a really dramatic silent bro moment

7) watched 1998 godzilla with nick and gigs and the brodys (nick got really flustered and had to leave the premises)

8) didn’t actually think it was that bad


10) now he’s going to go have some chocolate milk because did I mention chocolate is his new favorite thing))

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This might sound crazy, but my little black cat just loves you. Every time she sees you on a movie or a poster, she will stare at you happily for a long time. She's not normally a cuddler, both with humans and inanimate objects. But any time she sees my figures of you, she snuggles with them. You see? Even kitties love you. Maybe it's because you formerly looked like a cat yourself? But, in short, how do ya feel about all the kitties that love you and wanna be cuddle buddies with you? :3c

Not much, considering the size difference. In fact, before the Good Doctor showed me, I didn’t even know what a cat was.

Also I didn’t know insects existed. There are a lot of them. Did you know there are almost a million species?



Dr. Yamane Kenichi, as part of his study on the biology of Godzillasaurus archoteras, analyzed the state of “Burning” that occurs at the end of the species’ life cycle and calculated that the minimum energy release from the event would have been in the area of 500 zettajoules (5x10^23J),…

((now canon.
all of it.

read up, kiddies))