thedailyshowwithgigan asked:

Aw man, are da puns over already? We all know ya wanna use more. What a ~croc~. Am I gonna have ta show ya up wid my shARP WIT. Cmon, I know ya got some puns dat are a cUT ABOVE DA REST. ANY WAY YA SLICE IT, YA NEED TA GET DAT PRIZE. I don't wanna look shARPER DAN YOU. DIS IS DA CUTTIN' EDGE 'A PUNS. I HOPE YA'VE SEEN MY POINT. SHANKS FOR YA TIME AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

hellofromthelegend answered:

See what I meant by “worse jokes?” Just look at this hot mess right here. 

Not the sharpest tool in the shed. 


I think you all need to see this. Anatomical puns out the wazoo.

Tut-tut, duckling.