tyrotora asked:

Hey Goji, is it true that you have two brains? One in your head and one in your hip? Also your Fire is very beutiful, sorry for being a kiss ass, I just had to say it

More of a “nervous cluster,” according to the Doctor. For my legs and tail. All the thinking stuff, that’s from up here in my head.

Wait. If it wasn’t, how would I know? I can’t tell where I’m thinking from.


No, no, I’m only kidding. Haahahaha. I got you.

And yes. It is. It would take a sack of rocks not to notice.

Anonymous asked:

oh gosh please tell me how you read and what you read, Goji :)

I read by reading! The Good Doctor taught me how. I’m reading all of the questions myself, you know. I’m good at it.

(I’m good at a lot of things.)

I like to read what he does. Sciencey stuff. Yes.

But I also like—what are they called—“fairy tales.” Those are nice.


Introduce Your Muse!


Name: Godzilla/Gojira (refers to self, when speaking in the third person, as “Scale”)

Aliases: King of the Monsters/The One Who Remains/Alpha Predator/GG, and all derivatives/Goji/etc…

Affiliation: The Order (as vague as that is…)

Species: ”Godzillasaurus”

Age: Estimated at 152 million years, much of it spent in hibernation, where all bodily processes were dramatically slowed

Height: 108.2 m

Eye Color: Yellow/Amber

Sexual Orientation: Who even knows at this point. 

Nationality: N/A

Weapons/Abilities: Regeneration, incredible durability and stamina, teeth, claws, infectious bite, tail—practically every part of his body can be used as a weapon. And don’t forget his ~*~*~**~**~*~*~~*fire*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~

Strengths: Physical powerhouse. Intelligent. Growing better at strategy. Uses his emotions to his advantage. Can be caring and gentle when needed. Playful. Incredibly determined; once he sets his mind to doing something, he WILL do it.

Weaknesses: Unstable mentally. Can be egotistical. Prone to mood swings. Emotions are overpowering and often uncontrollable; every action he makes is entirely driven by them alone. Can be gullible at times. Has a huge, glaring guilt complex. Doesn’t care about things that don’t affect him. Single-minded.

Allergies: Stupidity.

Hobbies: Swimming, hunting, reading(!), talking (and boy does he talk), sunning, sleeping, cuddling, FIGHTING. 

Dreams: To live in a way that makes him happy. (Even if at the expense of others.)

Fears: Loss: of control, of self, of fire—of others. Being wrong. Consequence. Death. Burning. 

Do they hurt themselves?: Occasionally, for a number of reasons.

Relationship Status: Taken and really, really happy about that.

Signature Dance Move: No, not the thing with the Ghid victory-hop. When he dances (outside of a mating display) he sort of… closes his eyes, bobs his head back and forth, and makes weird trumpet-squawk noises.


Introduce Your Muse!

Name: Ishiro Serizawa

Aliases: Doc, the Good Doctor, link addict, “Serz” or “Ishi” sometimes (which he claims to dislike due to the “unprofessional” nature of nicknames but actually finds comforting to some extent)

Affiliation: MONARCH, humanity in general

Species: does this honestly need clarification 

Age: Somewhere around 55

Height: 6’0”

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: Dark brown

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Japanese

Weapons/Abilities: Not a fighter. At all. He couldn’t punch a guy out if his life depended on it. (Or could he?) Though he could be a good strategist if anyone would just listen to him for once.

Strengths: Intellectual (of course), inquisitive, open-minded, very forgiving. He’d make a good dad. (He practically already does.) Generally adorable. Knows his own limits. Articulate (most of the time). Knows when to be merciful and when to crack down. He can take anyone down in a debate, so long as he has some prior knowledge.

(Just please listen to him. Please.)

Weaknesses: His curiosity and “FOR SCIENCE!” attitude is going to get him killed one day. He doesn’t even bother denying it. He’s very hesitant when dealing with himself and his own emotions, often pushing them aside for the sake of his work. Despite knowing his limits, he often exceeds them for the same purpose. People tend to not take him as seriously as they should because he can easily go off on a tangent—or get ahead of himself and start talking about things that nobody else in the party understands.

Allergies: The typical pollen allergy.

Hobbies: Reading (passed that one onto his specimen), doing life sketches of the various flora and fauna of Monster Island, chatting with Gojira, chess (which he’s actually quite good at), being a complete recluse. 

Dreams: To fully understand Gojira and his thought processes, above all else; to make a name for himself. when the day comes that all his work can finally be revealed to the public. Unfortunately for him, that would mean near-constant attention, which he under no circumstances wants. 

He also would like to write an autobiography someday. 

Fears: Because of recent events, not all of which blog readers have been updated on, he has become very fearful of being “lost to” the psychic link Mothra formed between Gojira and him. Though it was originally established for basic communication only, over time he has found himself drifting deeper, and is only recently coming to fully comprehend the risk involved. He knows she could break it if necessary, but worries that by that point he would be too far gone. (Did you know that he catches himself snarling sometimes?)

He also fears being thrust into uncomfortable social situations, being manipulated, and wearing his emotions on his metaphorical sleeve.

Do they hurt themselves?: A while ago he’d have been able to emphatically say “no,” but the link isn’t as safe as he used to think it was… 

Relationship Status: Tentatively taken. He has no idea what’s going on. He’s no love doctor.

Signature Dance Move: The “edge awkwardly out of the room while trying not to be noticed.”

Anonymous asked:

Doc I., didn't you mention once that Godzilla's age was the equivalent of a child's? Considering that he already posses the intellectual capacity of an adult human and the centuries he still has left to live, how smart do you think he can get?

I don’t recall ever saying this. Gojira is an adult specimen, even if infertile, and behaves accordingly.

That said, our testing shows remarkable growth over the past two months alone, mainly in the areas of problem-solving skills and memory. Judging by this fast pace, he could outsmart me very soon! I look forward to being beaten in our debates. xD